Public Notice No. 5944

Public Notice

ORDINANCE NO. 9-10-100
An Ordinance Amending Existing Ordinance No. 9-10-100 At Paragraph (b)(5) From 300 Feet To 100 Feet in The Requirement to Obtain Approval from Surrounding Residential Landowners as A Condition of Obtaining a Permit to Keep Livestock Within the Town of Lusk.
Be It Ordained by The Governing Body of The Town of Lusk, Wyoming:
SECTION ONE: That Ordinance 9-10-100 (b)(5) of the “Municipal Code of Lusk, 2004 as
amended”, is amended and adopted to read as follows:
Before a permit is issued, every applicant for the same shall submit a written
approval for such use signed by all resident landowners within 100 ft. of the
property for which the application is filed, along with a permit fee in the sum of
The Third and Final reading of this Ordinance will be at the June 6, 2023, Council Meeting.

Public Notice No. 5944. Published in The Lusk Herald on May 31, 2023.