News & Views of the Senior Center 12.21.22

Perhaps for the first time, since opening the Niobrara Senior Center, it was necessary to cancel having the Center open for four continuous days, due to extreme weather conditions. Safety and concern for those served by the Center are always in the minds of the staff. Robo calls were sent out to everyone who regularly attends meals and activities, advising them to stay home, due to strong winds, which plagued the area night and day, rearranging snow in amazing drifts. The Town of Lusk crew began Saturday morning, clearing the streets of the hard-packed snow, which was greatly appreciated by those who had to get to jobs, etc. 

During the homebound days, and to warm my house, I checked my supply of eggs and made three more batches of cookies to pack and arrange on holiday plates for the Senior Center bake sale slated for Wednesday, Dec. 21. Bags of Chocolate chip, Snickerdoodles and date/nut cookies are the last of my baking efforts as I just used the last egg!

I am grateful for the holiday visits I have enjoyed this year. My oldest son, Don, came from Loveland, Colo., to pick me up for a six-day visit with that family, including the holiday dinner at their home with grandchildren and great-grandchildren on Thanksgiving Day, followed  a few days later by a plane flight to Las Vegas, Nev., where youngest son, Stan and his wife Paulette live, for a six-day visit there. It was a long day on my return to Lusk from Las Vegas in one day, but longer for Don and his wife Suzanne, who picked me up at DIA and then had to return to their home in Colorado. Stan is teaching earth science in a Henderson, Nevada school this year, planning to retire next year. Don is a musician, with no apparent plans to retire from the groups he enjoys performing with, in addition to teaching students, private lessons on their instruments.