News and Views 8.16.23

It was the sound of music to my ears when I heard a rider mower cruising up and down the alley behind my home on Saturday morning. I especially appreciate a clean alley every Monday morning when I drive down the alley to take my weekly garbage to be picked up. It’s time to do some baking perhaps in appreciation. I have never had anyone refuse baked goods. I must admit, it’s hard to get excited about turning the oven on when it’s in the nineties outside.

My present commitment includes a lot of “writing” to keep a promise made twenty years ago.  The Lusk Herald editor/publisher and former Wyoming State Auditor and Treasurer Jim Griffith asked me to collect more stories about our Niobrara community/life experiences/etc. to include in a sequel to his book “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Capitol”, which has recently been reprinted and is now available at the Stagecoach Museum Bookstore. He thought I could make the request in my column (which I did) but the response was small, however he also asked Judge James Barrett to share some of his personal stories, which he generously did. When I knew of the reprint, I knew in my heart, I really needed to do the sequel and share the information I’ve had, as much of it is priceless. Here is the request,-one more time. If anyone has something they are willing to share and would like it included, please write it down, send by  e-mail to me with a phone number (cell or otherwise) in case I need to clarify a detail for accuracy. My e-mail is [email protected]. If anyone is unsure about what to share, just buy a copy of Griffith’s first book and read it!

It has occurred to me that some guidelines for a submission for the sequel to “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Wyoming Capitol” may be helpful. Please use Times New Roman #12 when typing an article/essay. I have been enjoying a re-read of Jim Griffith’s book and it is a compilation of historical events with details that are good to know, some are amusing and others are truly hilarious. Some are factual accounts of our recent history and good to have for reference. I recommend buying one of the copies that are now available at the Stagecoach Museum bookstore, simply to read as well as to have to get an idea of what one might submit.  All entries will be considered but will need to “fit in.”