Kids and cops enjoy bikes and ice cream


LUSK – The Lusk Tiger Club combined forces with the Lusk Police department for a fun morning of activities and treats at a recent “Ice cream with a cop” day at the elementary school. Officers Jeremiah Fink and Jay Owrens, Sargent Jake Gordon and Chief Bo Krein joined Tiger Club kids for foot races, bike races, challenge path relays and more. They topped off the morning with some safety lessons and homemade ice cream.

For many kids their only interaction with these officers was either seeing them standing at public events or they are known as “so and so’s dad!” (the burden of a small town). The event on Friday was an opportunity for them to not only get to know the officers but to develop a positive relationship with them that allows them to understand that police, while in law enforcement, are really there for protection and safety. 

Gordon, Fink and Owrens oversaw the foot races and bike races while Chief Bo Krein used the PA system to function as DJ and events coordinator. As with their regular law enforcement activities, secretary Rhonda Tollman kept everyone where they needed to be and doing what they were supposed to. A short lesson on bicycle and pedestrian safety was included in the day’s activities. Students had the opportunity to meet Gordon’s partner, K-9 Officer Loki. Then everyone enjoyed ice cream back in the classroom.

Chief Bo Krein hopes to host a community-wide safety event later this fall and continue activities like this with various youth organizations in the community. 

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