Homemade Trail Mix

We are pretty serious about snacks around the Goddard house. Between the four kids that are always hungry, trips back and forth to the ranch and to visit family and a homeschool schedule it is important to me to have healthy, easy snacks available for the kids to make good choices. As I did my county fair prep this last weekend some of it included assembling several different snack mix options for the kids to much on throughout the week. Trust me, no one wants my kids wandering around hangry!

Blueberry breakfast mix

This one has the highest sugar content because of the cereals used but I consider it a trade off for the fiber and complex carbs that they get. If you want truly for breakfast either serve alongside a hardboiled egg or some greek yogurt.

2 cups blueberry muffin frosted shredded wheat

2 cups blueberry rice chex

1.5 cups berry cherry dried fruit mix

1.5 cups yogurt covered raisins

Mix all together and put in an air tight container. Will keep for up to three weeks in a cool dry place.

Just a little sweet

This one focuses more on the saltier side of things

1.5 cups mini pretzels or broke pretzels

1.5 cups broken up everything bagel pretzel thins

1.5 cups goldfish crackers

1.5 cups ritz bits peanutbutter mini crackers

1.5 cups honey roasted peanuts

2 cups mini marshmallows

1 cup corn pops cereal

Mix all together and store in air tight container. This is a particularly good one for camping or park trips since there is nothing to melt.

Tropical twist mix

1.5 cups raw pecans

1.5 cups raw almonds

1 cup roasted cashews

1/2 cup toasted coconut flakes

1 cup dried pineapple bits

1 cup dried mango pieces

1 cup yogurt covered raisins

1 cup corn pops cereal

Mix all together and store in air tight container. This one is good for gluten free diets.

If you want to come up with your own mix its fairly easy. I recommend starting out with your main flavor or plan. Don’t get too busy or crazy with your ingredients but do try unusual combinations. I also like to use filled pretzel bites, ritz bitz mini cheese crackers, teddy grahams, M&Ms, other dried fruits and favorite cereals. If you are planning for high heat avoid anything that might melt and remember that the ingredients can go stale if not used up within about 2-3 weeks of making the mix.