Fun and friends

LEMS Family Fun Night braves the cold

LUSK – The first Family Fun Night was held in the LEMS commons with chili and cinnamon rolls when you needed a break. The theme of the night was A Minute to Win It and some of the games took the entire minute. 

One of the more popular and boisterous games was stacking the cups and tearing them down. Then there was stacking buttons, flipping the water bottle, using a straw to lift marshmallows from a cup onto a plate and throwing cotton balls into a “tape” web and getting them to stick. There were more games and even one that could have stumped any adult in the room. The proverbial cookie on the forehead and work it down to the mouth with no hands allowed. I was asked to compete with a gentleman and I turned it down because I’ve seen some of the faces people make when they’re trying to do this. 

This being the first Family Night with the temperature low and cold there was still a good turnout and the kids were having a ball. The kitchen was ready with mild or medium chili with all the fixings you could want and big cinnamon rolls to top it off. I saw several adults going back for seconds and a few took a cinnamon roll for later at home. 

I was assured that this was the first of many more to come. I had a man tell me today that when he moved here one of the first things that felt alien to him was the fact that there are so many community events and how well they are attended. He came from a state where this doesn’t happen so he was pleasantly surprised. That’s what it takes. Community, and we have a great one.